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Kitchens & Joinery


Kitchens are our speciality as our passion is custom made joinery and maximising the area you have to work with to enhance how you live in the space. These days kitchens are more than just a place to cook a meal. They are the hub of the home and a well functioning kitchen can save you time and money and give you years of enjoyment. Efficient use of the space and good storage can change how you live.

Our business provides a highly personalised, full trade management service. From our first meeting, we will provide you with a free written quote and concept design, and assist you to make decisions on the huge range of kitchen doors, benchtops, splashbacks, appliances and tapware on the market. Any renovation to your home requires time and a level of inconvenience to you and your family. We understand the stress of renovating and how choosing the right business to do your renovation can drastically impact on the end result. If you need to renovate more than one room of your home, for example, kitchen, bathroom and laundry, we can do all jobs simultaneously to limit the amount of time you and your family are inconvenienced.

Benchtop & Splashback Options

Kitchen benchtops range from the highly practical and hardwearing Laminate ranges to custom timber pieces that invite you to come closer to touch them and feel the grain. Benchtop styles, colours and textures are as varied as the families that use them. Engineered or man made stone is more affordable now than ever and the range of colours is immense. Quantum quartz, Caesar Stone and Essastone are just some of the options for engineered stone suppliers in the Canberra area. Some customers go further afield to personally choose just the right piece of natural stone to give their kitchen the wow factor. We will work with you and your budget to find you a benchtop that will be the crowning glory of your kitchen.

Similarly splashbacks can encompass a sizable amount of space in your kitchen. You may want a glass capsicum red splashback to be the star of the kitchen or maybe it’s one the colour of full storm clouds, moody and changeable depending on the light. A tiled splashback may be your thing, in which case the choice of tile is endless. Come and talk to us and we can narrow the options down to a list that’s a little more manageable.

Cabinet Door Options

There are a range of options for cabinet doors – including vinyl wrap (which comes with a ten year guarantee), polyurethane (also known as two pack paint), melamine with 1mm edging and hand painted finishes.

Throughout the years we have used every door on the market and can assist you to decide on what will best meet your needs. Some customers like a high gloss vinyl with a detailed profile, others may prefer a flat door with a matt finish. Low or no profile doors with simple or no handles are currently on trend. To achieve the no handle look, a polyurethane door is generally used which gives you a limitless range of colours to choose from. However, the vinyl wrap door can also be successfully used to achieve this look with the benefit of a ten year guarantee.


Cabinet Hardware

The list of options for cabinet hardware seems almost endless – soft close, servo drivers, push catch, concealed handles....... It can be confusing and it can also be disappointing to see or hear about something you would have liked after your new kitchen has been completed. We will give you all your options, from the most economical to the more expensive options, many of which have a lifetime guarantee.

Installing the right cabinet hardware for your needs will ensure your kitchen continues to perform for you at a high standard long after it has been built. We will show you examples of all the hardware you’ll need in your kitchen, the difference in brand and price, what to avoid and what will make unpacking the dishwasher a breeze. No more reaching to the back of a deep corner cupboard to drag out the food processor or giving up on ever finding lids to the Tupperware.

Well designed kitchens are not just about the overall look, but are also about what’s behind the scenes. Installing drawers means you will utilise much more of your cupboard space and also makes cleaning easier.

Come and talk to us about how to get reacquainted with your lost hand held appliances and crockery.


Custom Joinery

Pete is a fully qualified Joiner with over 15 years’ experience. He has built beautiful furniture, amazing artworks out of timber, front doors, architectural decks and of course stunning kitchens. Pete thoroughly enjoys this side of our business and is very engaged with the customer to provide a high level of workmanship. He takes immense pride in his joinery and gets ideas from some interesting places.

Pete handmade the screen (pictured below) – we call it ‘The Circles’ – out of reclaimed jarrah timber. He spent many hours working on the design and working with the timber. The end result is an incredible piece of artwork that gets visitors talking and asking where they can buy one!

We also produce one off pieces of furniture and joinery to fit a particular place in a home. Built in libraries have become quite popular as well as custom built studies and media room joinery.

The custom designed and built front door (pictured below right) was built from solid Jarrah. The four panes of translucent glass let the light through without sacrificing privacy.


This custom built study (pictured above) at a home in Kingston incorporated lockable filing drawers, stationery drawers, a leather insert on the desk top, overhead and full height bookshelves. Cabling holes were cut for the computer screen, keyboard and printer with the computer tower hidden away in a specially ventilated cupboard.