Totalscope construction and landscaping canberra

Earthworks & Landscaping


Our fully insured and owner operated Bobcat and ten tonne tipper truck are a great asset to our business. By utilising these machines we can assist you in your landscaping plans or we can simply remove soil and clean a site ready for something bigger. The Bobcat has given us an advantage as it not only digs and removes rubbish and soil, but we also use it to transfer pallets of building materials using the fork attachment. The truck and Bobcat together mean we rarely need to hire a skip bin and save significant time in loading rubbish.

Other services we provide include:-

  • Concrete cutting and removal
  • Tree removal and clearing
  • Delivery and spreading of landscape materials
  • Minor building site cuts
  • Building site cleans and rubbish removal
  • Slab preparation and compaction
  • Decomposed granite driveways and car parks
  • Garden strip outs

Our hourly and quoted rates are competitive and we arrive on time as promised. To assist you in estimating costs to remove soil or rubbish, following are approximate costs currently charged by tips in the Canberra area:-

  • VENM (virgin excavated natural material) – soil, rock, sand, clay and shale that has been dug out of the earth for the first time - $10 per tonne.
  • NCF (not clean fill) – soil with organic matter ie small roots and grass – $66 per tonne.
  • Clean concrete (concrete only) – can contain reinforcing steel – $7.70 per tonne.
  • Mixed concrete (concrete, brick, terracotta) – $27.50 per tonne.
  • Mixed demo (construction and demolition waste) – $105 per tone


Recycled asphalt parking spaces (pictured above) are a great low cost option to reduce the amount of lawn and increase parking. Add a concrete sleeper and the low maintenance solution is completed.

Another popular alternative to asphalt is Ginninderra red granite. Red granite is used extensively throughout Canberra, particularly for parking spaces, driveways and pathways, and, if applied at a thickness of around 80-100mm and well compacted, it won't wash away.


Because the Bobcat is a compact machine (1.8m in width), it is able to access most backyards to cut a site ready for the installation of a retaining wall. There are a huge variety of retaining walls on the market – a low maintenance option is a concrete sleeper retaining wall (pictured below). The added benefit of having the Bobcat is it can also carry the sleepers to where they are needed.

Another retaining wall option is out of blocks. If installed correctly, block retaining walls have the potential to last for decades. Laid with an adequate footing, core filled, agricultural drainage pipes placed at the base of the rear of the wall and sealed with a tar sealant and plastic, your wall will have excellent strength and won't stain from water leakage. If the wall is under 1 meter then no building approval is needed. If you have the room and don’t want to go through the approval process, then terracing may be an option for your site. See the first picture on this page of a two level retaining wall built out of a rock look block (further pictures are in the gallery).


If your new landscape design is being impeded by old concrete, then our wet concrete saw and Bobcat can make light and quick work of lifting it and removing it from your site.

The owners of this house (pictured below) had decided that instead of investing thousands in upgrading their old and leaking pool, they would remove it and build a beautiful garden and lawn to be enjoyed year round in its place. The Bobcat broke up the pool surrounds, removed all the old materials from the site and then returned with backfill to fill the hole and then a thick layer of organic soil went on top.